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President's Welcome

Welcome by previous President Andrew Melton

First of all I would like to say what an honor it is to be apart of the WWCA. I remember the first time I went to the WWCA fall wrestling clinic over 10 years ago when I was wrestling for UW-LaCrosse. I was so impressed at that time with the clinic and all those who were a part of the WWCA. I knew at that time that I wanted to become a member of such a wonderful organization. After observing the Executive Committee and the District reps these past couple of years I can truly say it is an honor to work with such a great group of men that have such a passion for the sport of wrestling.

Please join with the WWCA as we continue to help advance the great sport of wrestling. We have a great working relationship with the WIAA and will continue to do what we can so that every student can experience the benefits of such a wonderful sport.

It is my hope and goal that we can work together these next couple of years to help increase the number of those who participate in this great sport. We all know that it can really hurt a program if the number of participants continues to drop. What can we do to help get kids excited about the sport of wrestling? There is no other sport like it! I know that this sport has so much to offer our students not only on the mat but also when they step off the mat. We will work hard with our members in order to once again see schools and teams from across the state filled with wrestlers.

Welcome by Previous President Mel Dow

I would like to start out by saying how grateful I am to have been chosen to serve this association; one throughout my travels for wrestling is one of the most respected state associations in the country. The involvement of our coaches to the innovation of the WWCA is recognized and admired by all levels of coaches and wrestling aficionados in our nations wrestling world. It should give all members of the Wisconsin wrestling fraternity a great feeling to see the success our state has from the competition levels of youth to international, coaching success, and administrative leadership in our sport. Wisconsin is truly a front runner in wrestling and makes such a big impact on how the nation looks at the sport.

I follow a great line of leadership, who has brought to our state mass media production of wrestling in television and radio broadcasts, 3rd place wrestle backs at the state meet as well as additional qualifiers for division 2 and 3, amongst many other projects. Much of the progress we have as an association is due to our working relationship with the WIAA, with well thought out and credible proposals we feel that we have an active voice with the WIAA to help promote the sport of wrestling for Wisconsin. From the ideas that are conceived with you, our members, expressed to the representatives and driven forward by the executive committee, we will continue to move both our state and the sport of wrestling further ahead locally and nationally alike.

With that being said, it is my challenge, though our members to take our state farther ahead, to continue on our success both locally and nationally. I want to ensure growth at four levels of wrestling, for our youth, high school, collegiate and international styles of wrestling. By promotion and education we can involve more individuals in our association to make a bigger impact on the lives of those involved in wrestling. As a part of the growth, it is my intention to leave no doubt in the minds of our members of what it is we do for them, from the inquiry of their thoughts to the regular relaying of our actions to the members. Your thoughts and passion is what drives us ahead, and we need to hear from you.

12/10/2007 - Crossface Article

The challenge of the season is upon us and we are already starting to see a glimpse of the off season preparation pay off. Several early season dates have been challenged not so much on the mat, but rather by the weather.

The WWCA clinic this year was another big success, inducting a fine class of individuals into the George Martin Hall of Fame in Matt Hanutke, Jim Gruenwald, Bob Skubal and Dave Black. Additions to this year?s clinic included sessions on women?s wrestling, panel discussion on program development, club wrestling, Olympic style wresting, health concerns and our new awards recognizing developmental coaches for our state. A feature to this year?s clinic that added an enhanced atmosphere was the ?Wrestling Sages? who performed classic rock at the social was greatly appreciated by all those in attendance. Thanks to all those who made it such a success.

Look forward to the future of the WWCA Clinic, as with our growth challenge, we continue trying to answer the needs of all coaches at all levels of wrestling for our state. We look forward to having sessions for youth, assistant, collegiate and international style coaches to make the clinic a total inclusive event. With this progress, the WWCA will be a major link for coaches of all levels in our state.

In an untimely fashion the hydrostatic testing facility in Madison was disabled beyond repair. To offer the members of the WIAA a viable option of appealing body fat test, the WIAA approved a method using X-ray to calculate minimum body weight. This process, DXA, has been in discussion with the WIAA, 7% committee and the WWCA for some time now. The facilities at UW La Crosse are still available, giving coaches, families and athletes opportunities to use either method. In speaking with the medical staff in Madison, the results have been a positive one as the method is as accurate as the hydrostatic test without the uneasiness that accompanied it. The WIAA, 7% and medical advisory board will be looking into additional testing facilities as a protocol for the test is established. The WWCA is encouraging this to provide our members away from Madison and La Crosse an easier opportunity to this process.

As we look into the future of wrestling for the state of Wisconsin, I want you to picture the past. The Alumni Chapter of the WWCA, or more commonly called the Sages, have been putting together an incredible document outlining in detail the history of wresting in Wisconsin. This has grown over the past few years, and with that I want you to envision a place where you can look up your past accomplishments, see the equipment that was used by your grandfather or any of the memorabilia that has had a part in the sport for our state. Our Sages are currently discussing this and what it would take to make a permanent Museum and Hall of Fame the WWCA and the state of Wisconsin. We encourage the opportunity to have such a resource for our state.

The WWCA would like to encourage you all to use Trackwrestling to report all of your tournament and dual scores. As a state we need a united front to send our scores to media outlets and the service Trackwrestling provides us gives us this opportunity in a format that is welcomed and used. This publicity will help both your program and our effort to get our information into more homes.

I would like to wish you all continued success this season, as well as remind us all to take advantage of your district reps and executive board to help answer your questions or concerns as it pertains to the sport for our state. Please forward questions or recommendations you may have so we can serve you better as well as make sure we are following the same established rules and procedures that have been set for us.

Notes by previous President Bob Empey

With the north winds blowing in, the best part of the year is right around the corner, Wrestling Season! Ten years ago I attended my first Fall Clinic and Hall of Fame Banquet in Stevens Point. I was in awe of the event. I got to meet and interact with many of the outstanding coaches in Wisconsin that I competed against or heard of. I came away from the event with a sense of honor for having competed in the sport. I also observed the brotherhood of friendship that the coaches have, and felt the prestige and classiness of attending the Hall of Fame banquet. That feeling has not diminished.

Our membership, clinic registrations, and meal tickets for the Hall of Fame Banquet continue to grow. At this time, I would like to thank all of those that made the clinic so special back then, and those that continue to do the same today. The efforts that are noticed as well as those that go unnoticed make this clinic one of the premier ones in the Midwest. We are fortunate to have it right here in our own backyard. I hope this event continues to give those that attend the same opportunity to share in the enthusiasm and growth of Wisconsin Wrestling.

One topic every year is media. Media is the big hype these days, and any way you can help or enhance media coverage in your area will make our sport standout. First, try and make it as important to them as it is to you. Fill out preseason media sheets and include a team schedule. Find ways to reach out to the TV stations, radio stations, and newspapers to enhance big dual meets or weekend tournaments. Contact them early. Send emails, faxes, telephone calls, etc. to get them interested in the event. Provide them information on the teams or individuals there, provide rankings (individual or team), or simply give them something to write about. When the article is written or coverage is provided, contact them and let them know they did a good job. After the season, use the WWCA Media Award to recognize their efforts. The award can be given to them in person, or better yet, present the award to them at a wrestling event. It helps provide recognition, gets them at another wrestling venue, and provides another opportunity to cover the great sport of wrestling.

From time to time questions come up on the membership cost and the clinic cost for the yearly clinic and banquet. A Wisconsin Wrestling Coaches Association membership is $20 for the year. It provides you with your own Crossface subscription (subscription starts January 1, 2006) for a mere $10, and the other $10 helps support efforts to run the association. Expenses for the Association are: the website and its monthly upkeeps, Hall of Fame displays, public relations costs, and other odds and ends that make this organization run efficiently. The clinic cost of $100 includes the membership fee of $20, and the other $80 supports the rental cost of the facility, Hall of Fame banquet ticket, luncheon ticket, clinicians� costs, and other smaller items to give it a more personal touch. It is a bargain for those that attend and are members of the association.

So with every Fall Clinic and Hall of Fame Banquet there are: clinicians and new ideas to help broaden the knowledge of our sport, the sharing of experiences (or at times folklore) from last wrestling season(s), and that feeling of excitement and enthusiasm of everyone in anticipation of what is to come. I look forward to your attendance at the clinic and banquet, and truly wish everyone a great beginning to the season. 

01/03/2006 - Seasons Greetings and Happy Holidays! The season is under way and the WWCA wishes all of you the best in preparing, competing, and promoting the sport of wrestling in the state of Wisconsin. The WWCA Executive Board continues to monitor the heartbeat of wrestling in the state. Concerns, observations, and solutions can be passed on to your district representative or any board member.

Highlights from the WWCA Executive board Meeting and the Annual Meeting in November:

  • WIAA 7% On-Line Project is under way with hopes of utilizing the program in the 2006-07 Season. There were presentations by Justin Tritz, hired by the WIAA to design the program, at the Fall Clinic. Any thoughts, concerns, were to be passed on to Dave Anderson.
  • WWCA Golf Outing is June 17, 2006 at the Lake Breeze Golf Club outside of Winneconne. Mark it on your calendars today!
  • The Fall Clinic will continue to be in Green Bay not only for 2006, but also 2007 and 2008.
  • WWCA Wrestling Yearbooks will be published annually. More information will be coming soon.
  • The WIAA Individual Tournament will be aired on Fox Sports North Network. It will be a tape-delayed program.
  • The Wisconsin Army National Guard and the Shockley Foundation are donating $10,000 for the Wrestling Radio Broadcasts. Any support that we can lend to these fine organizations will help ensure that their commitments to the sport of wrestling continue.
  • The WWCA website will be managed by Justin Tritz. A thank you to Webbfeet, the former managing company, for their many years of service.
  • The Hall of Fame display is still looking for a home. Any ideas, please pass them on to Jerry Barr.
  • A third place proposal, not a true wrestle back for third, was looked at and discussed. More information to follow.

A thank you to all that made the WWCA Hall of Fame Banquet and Fall Clinic a success. More notably, John Stockowitz, the organizer of this tremendous event. His enthusiasm for the sport and our clinic stands second to no one.


  • Read your Winter Season Regulations on Appeals, Individual Tournament Series, and the Team Tournament Series. There is always something new or an I did not know that as you read through it.
  • Point of emphasis this year by the WIAA is to see that female wrestlers are legally attired. This means a female cut singlet shall be worn, or a legal T-shirt is required if wearing a male cut singlet. Always be prepared on behalf of your athlete.
  • The WWCA has endorsed as a site to run all dual meet results through. Cost is free. Advantages are that in time we can create a State Scoreboard for all the dual meet results much like boys basketball, girls basketball, and boys hockey. We need everyone to be involved to make it work.
  • Promote your sport! Promote your team, your individuals, and your program.

Good luck and Happy Holidays! 

01/27/2006 - The 3rd Place Proposal

As we all prepare for the state tournament series, many thoughts come up in regard to the state tournament and the individual brackets. This past fall, a proposal for the individual state tournament was advanced to the WWCA Executive board. The WWCA Executive Board has made its recommendation to take it to the membership and determine a position to take on this proposal.

Background: The 3rd Place Proposal came from a person that has dual experiences in being long time worker of the individual state tournament and head wrestling coach.

Proposal: The 3rd Place Proposal provides the opportunity for the semi-final losers to go back and wrestle the consolation semi-final winners in a match to determine whether they wrestle for third or fifth. A new time schedule was also advanced to provide an additional round of wrestling that is needed to accommodate the 3rd Place Proposal.

It is not a true wrestleback for third!

Points of Interest:

  1. At this time, the Executive board believes it has merit and holds the opportunity to be advanced through the WIAA.
  2. With some quick research, 12 out of 13 surrounding states have the format that is proposed. Indiana is the only one different. None of the states with a wrestle-back have a true wrestle-back to third place.
  3. Tournament entry by the matrix system has limitations and seeding the tournament brings its host of issues. This proposal is in the right direction of solving some of those talking points.
  4. The Proposal provides a more accurate numerical value to the wrestler�s finish at the given weight class.

Your voice is heard: Voting will take place at the individual sectionals. Votes will be collected from the WIAA school representative and then by members of the WWCA.

Contact me at for any further thoughts or concerns.

Good luck with the remainder of your season!

03/03/2006 - Crossface Article

Congratulations on your individual and team performances this past year. The State Individual Tournament continues to be a hot ticket as both Friday and Saturday nights were sold out. With great enthusiasm, the State Team tournament enters its second year at the UW-Fieldhouse in Madison Tournament time always brings excitement to our programs and communities. Remember to take the time and recognize the individuals that help spread that spirit by way of the media. The WWCA Media Award is a simple way of saying thank you. Please go to the website ( and take time to nominate them for their efforts. Also on the website, take time to recognize the coaches who have reached milestones in their careers (100, 200, 300, 400+ wins and 20, 30, 40, 50+ years of coaching).

Elections this spring are for WWCA District Representatives in Districts 5 and 6, as well as, District Coach of the year, Assistant Coach of the Year, and Wrestler of the Year. Remember there are nomination periods of time and voting periods of time. Please be involved with both. Also, check out the categories for the WWCA Annual. Take the time and send the information to Ken Manning. It is great to build a resource for wrestling in the state of Wisconsin.

During the state tournament, WWCA Executive Board met and two items of interest came out. One was the 3rd Place Proposal for the individual state tournament that was voted on at the Sectional Meetings. The voted represented that a majority of schools and coaches were in favor of the proposal. This proposal will now be advanced to the WIAA. The other item was information we have received about Minnesota's research in the number of weight classes and what the weight classes should be based on the data gathered. After some discussion, the board's direction is to gather information from the Wisconsin athletes and put that information into the research formulas and see where Wisconsin is as well. It will present a more numbers based data to draw information on to add to your own thoughts on the matter.

WWCA voting procedures:

  • In order to participate in the voting process, you must be a member of the WWCA.
  • Each WWCA member is assigned a username and password which they can use to sign in to the website.
    • The 'Sign In' link is at the top of your screen towards the upper right hand corner.
    • If you don't know your username/password you can click 'Forgot Password' at the top of the screen, and the username and password associated with your email address will be sent to that address.
    • If you don't have an email address registered with the WWCA but you are a member, you can send email to and he will be able to tell you what it is.
  • Once logged in, you will be able to use the functions under 'Elections' in the left menu.
  • To see all upcoming positions and the nomination/voting windows, click 'Elections'->'Positions' in the left menu.
  • To make nominations during the nomination periods click 'Elections'->'Nominations'.
    • When you make a nomination, there is room for comments. These comments will be placed on the ballot, so please take advantage of this option.
  • To vote during the voting periods click 'Elections'->'Vote'
  • As soon as the voting period has ended, you will be able to see the results of the voting process by clicking 'Elections'->'Results of Voting' in the left menu.
  • Remember, in order to participate in any of this stuff, you must be signed in as a WWCA member.

04/28/2006 - Crossface Article

As the summer quickly approaches, I would like to take the time and thank all of you that make the sport of wrestling continue to grow in the state of Wisconsin. Take the time and thank all those people that do the little things to make a difference in your school and community for wrestling. Stay informed by going to the WWCA website at ( and have a great summer.

Points of interest as you enter the summer and early fall:

  • Ensure you have the proper understanding of "open gym" and "coaches contact" during the school year. It is listed in your Season Regulations from the WIAA. Protect your athletes, your programs, and yourself from being misinformed.
  • Ensure you have the proper understanding of "Open contact" with your athletes during the summer. Summer time has a timeline that ends July 31st. Attention: make sure the facilities, athletes, and coaches have insurance coverage. Again, protect the athletes and yourself.
  • Check out the WWCA website for the rule changes for 2006-07. Stay on top of the new rules, read them, and if you have questions contact the WIAA.
  • 7% online is coming this fall. Look for the information at the Fall Clinic and from the WIAA as the season approaches.
  • WIAA Wrestling Coaches Advisory minutes are on the WWCA web page. Take the time and read what is being discussed.
  • WIAA 7% Committee minutes are posted as well on the web page. Check it out!
  • Attend the WWCA Annual Golf Outing on June 17. It is a great time to gather and share some stories and memories of the past season(s). Information has been sent out, and is readily available on the website.

09/03/2006 - WWCA Letter

As each new school year starts, optimism is high on this year's upcoming wrestling season. Many athletes and teams have been at camps or tournaments improving and striving for that individual or team goal. Coaches and their staffs have been talking about this year's team and the bright future that it holds. Excitement, enthusiasm, and conversation about wrestling increase as the first day of practice approaches. Team members, parents, and communities begin to speculate about how well the individuals and team will do. The WWCA continues to grow with more of these type of people and it is exciting to be part of an association that embraces it.

The WWCA Fall Clinic and Banquet on November 3 and 4, at the Regency Suites and KI Convention Center in Green Bay has added some kick to the event. A quad dual meet has been set up to start the clinic on Friday morning at 8:00 a.m.. The University of Wisconsin and the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh will be competing again in the event. The Clinic and Banquet will also recognize the 50th year of a Wisconsin coaches association. The WWCA Alumni Chapter has spent countless hours researching the past of Wisconsin Wrestling. The Alumni Chapter has put together a booklet that has many historical names, communities, important dates of change, and memories of the Wisconsin Wrestling Coaches Association and Wisconsin Wrestling. The booklet will be distributed to all those who attend this year's event. The booklet is a work in progress, and if you have any information that will add creditability to it please do not hesitate to step forward and share your information. Again, registration and information is online at our website Make plans to attend today.

The WWCA Alumni Chapter is really making things move in preserving our past. One of the biggest goals is to have a Hall of Fame Building to display our history of the state and its communities. If you happen to know of anyone that may help in their goal, please contact one of them or some one on the WWCA board. It would be an awesome step in making wrestling one of the premier sports in the state.

This coming fall there are some changes that will be of note as you enter your season. The 7% online program will be in use in entering your team's skin-fold and hydration measurements. The process is to help create a more efficient way of getting the information to coaches and athletes. Schools already use a program similar in style for the state tournament series it should be an easy transition. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Dave Anderson at the WIAA office.

The other noteworthy change is the 3rd Place proposal. The WIAA Board of Control passed the proposal in June. It is a great move for the sport of wrestling in Wisconsin. The biggest implication of the proposal is the time schedule for the State Individual Tournament. As tournament time approaches, please plan accordingly.

The WWCA, again, is excited about the future of Wisconsin Wrestling. Take the time to read the new rules and other news releases posted on the website under the "News" section on the website. Also, contact your district representatives for information, to past along noteworthy landmarks for coaches and communities, and if you have an idea that will help grow wrestling in the state of Wisconsin.

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