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WWCA Constitution
The name of this non-profit organization shall be: The Wisconsin Wrestling Coaches Association (WWCA).


ARTICLE II (Objectives)
The objectives of this organization shall be to:
    1. Promote the growth of amateur wrestling.
    2. Cooperate with the Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association (WIAA).
    3. Assist in the publicity of amateur wrestling.
    4. Encourage sound sportsmanship on the part of the coaches, wrestlers and spectators.
    5. Encourage sound principles of coaching ethics.
    6. Work closely with all governing bodies affecting correct wrestling rules and procedures.
    7. Cooperate and assist the National Wrestling Coaches Association 1(NWCA) when called on to do so.
    8. Work with other amateur wrestling groups as needed.


ARTICLE III (Membership)
1. Two classes of membership exist in the WWCA.
    1. REGULAR MEMBERSHIP. The WWCA is open to all persons directly, professionally or formerly involved in working with and supporting amateur wrestling.
    2. HONORARY MEMBERSHIP. Executive Board may vote honorary membership. There will be no dues for honorary members. Hall of Fame members are honorary. (Passed 7-10-03)


2. NON-DISCRIMINATION. The WWCA and its officers, employees, agents, representatives and directors shall not discriminate based on gender, race, religious preference, or sexual orientation in the administration of its policies, membership, selection of officers, committee members, or in any other aspect or in any other manner.


3. VOTING. Only active WWCA members will be eligible to vote. Each member shall have one vote.


4. AWARDS AND RECOGNITION. To receive annual recognition and awards, recipient must be a current member of the WWCA. This does not include Hall of Fame recognition.” - Verbiage change 11/7/15


ARTICLE IV. (Officers and Duties)
1. Officers shall be any person who is an active member of the association, voted on by the general membership or appointed by the President.


    1. President Elect (elected)
    2. President (elected)
    3. Past President (elected)
    4. Treasurer (appointed)
    5. Secretary (appointed)
    6. Eight District Representatives (elected) one representative from each of the seven (7) districts set up by the WIAA, and one form the colleges in Wisconsin.
    7. Public Relations Ad-Hoc (appointed)
    8. Chairperson Fall Clinic (appointed)
    9. Chairperson Hall of Fame (appointed)
    10.Awards Chairperson (appointed)
    11.Web Site Coordinator (appointed as a non-voting member)
    12.Alumni Director (appointed by Alumni Committee as a non-voting member)
    13.WWF Liaison (appointed) (passed 11/7/15)
    14.Official Liaison (appointed) (passed 11/7/15)
          a. In the event of a tie, a re-vote will take place to the pertaining membership. (passed 11/7/15)


3. The Executive Committee shall act on all matters pertaining to membership and legislation in accordance with the corporate Articles of Incorporation.


4. Duties of the President Elect.
    1. Perform the duties of the president in the absence or illness of the president.
    2. Succeed the presidency in the event of vacancy in that office.
    3. Assist the Fall Clinic Chairperson with planning and organization of the annual Fall Clinic.


5. Duties of the President.
    1. Develop agendas and distribute to Committee members at least one week before meetings.
    2. Preside at all meetings of the Executive Committee as chief executive officer and shall have the power to appoint special committees and call special meetings.
    3. Act as the direct link to the WIAA regarding wrestling issues.
    4. Act as representative to WIAA's Coaches Advisory and 7% Committees as well as act as the representative of the WWCA to the National Federation and attend Federation meetings in the absence of a Wisconsin representative.
    5. Recommend representatives to the Coaches' Advisory and 7% Committees.
    6. Appoint a current member of the WWCA as successor in the event of a vacancy on the Executive Committee for the remainder of that term.


6. Duties of the Past President
    1. Review the constitution and assist the President as an historical aide as needed.
    2. Assist the award's chairperson with the presentation and distribution of awards at the annual fall clinic.
    3. Empowered to attend national meetings and report to the executive committee.
    4. Transport, store, maintain, set up, and take down the portable hall of fame display at pertinent WWCA functions.


7. Duties of the Secretary
    1. Act as the chief corresponding officer responsible for all records and proceedings of the association.
    2. Take minutes of all meetings and will distribute such minutes to the Executive Committee members within two weeks of the meeting.
    3. Ensure agenda and minutes are posted to the web.
    4. Order and store WWCA stationary.
    5. In consultation with the website director update and post to the web, the Executive Committee directory as needed.


8. Duties of the Treasurer
    1. Act as the chief financial officer responsible for the receipt and disbursement of funds as authorized by the Executive Committee.
    2. Assist in the collection of annual dues from the membership with the fall clinic chairperson.
    3. Keep accurate and current membership records in consultation with the fall clinic chairperson.
    4. Obtain and maintain an insurance policy for the WWCA board and the annual Fall Clinic.
    5. File appropriate taxes or secure an accountant.


9. Duties of the District Representatives
    1. Represent coaches within their district by collecting and dispersing information and overseeing elections.
    2. Attend all WWCA meetings.
    3. Attend the Rules Interpretation Meeting within district to disseminate information to coaches and officials.
    4. Mentor new coaches within their district by providing a mentor package.
    5. Adhere to the timetable set by the president so that business of the WWCA conducts effectively.
    6. Upon resignation from the position prior to the election year, consult with the president on recommendations for the post.
    7. Conduct an annual spring caucus meeting.


10.Duties of the Public Relations Chairperson
    1. Assist with increasing membership to the WWCA.
    2. Conduct correspondences for the WWCA and act as spokesperson as directed.
    3. Assist with web site maintenance and coordination.
    4. Promote and organize Nicholas Suite for the WIAA State Tournament.


11.Duties of the Fall Clinic Chairperson
    1. Responsible for coordinating all events of the Fall Clinic.
    2. Secures site, vendors, and clinicians for the Fall Clinic.
    3. Collect WWCA dues from members in consultation with treasurer.
    4. Publicizes the Fall Clinic and coordinates registration.
    5. Create the clinic agenda and program.
    6. Transfers all membership records to the treasurer.
    7. Assist and reports to the President as needed.
    8. Keep record of membership in consultation with the treasurer and website director.
    9. Shall maintain and secure clinic checking account and will transfer proceeds to main account prior to the start of the new clinic year.


12.Duties of the Hall of Fame Chairperson
    1. Make nomination forms available to individuals wishing to nominate a candidate to the Hall of Fame.
    2. Organize portfolios for the July selection committee meeting. Portfolios/nominations are to be submitted and complete by June 1 for consideration.
    3. Chairperson will send a list of current, eligible to the selection committee of the persons considered for the Hall of Fame.
    4. Conduct the July selection committee meeting.
    5. Send letters of congratulation to the selected inductees.
    6. Send out rejection notices to those whose files have exceeded the ten-year period. The candidate can reopen a file if interested.
    7. Send information sheets and inventory to inductees. Information sheets are to be returned to the chairperson by September 1. This information is needed for the banquet and for the plaques.
    8. Contact plaque maker with names and information for plaques and place order.
    9. Keep contact with the presenters and inductees on the procedure leading up to the induction.
    10.Get program information to the printer.
    11.Send plaque format and program to inductee for final approval and changes. Follow up with a call within a week.
    12.Send out press releases to media of inductee's choice in mid-October.
    13.Select members of the Executive Committee to hand out awards at the Hall of Fame Banquet.
    14.Secure Master of Ceremonies for the Hall of Fame Banquet.
    15.Conduct the induction portion of the Hall of Fame Banquet.
    16.Update and manage Hall of Fame display, located at Wisconsin Dells as of 2019.
    17.Manage and update information of Hall of Fame on appropriate websites.


13.Duties of the Awards Chairperson
    1. In charge of all awards presented by the WWCA except for the Hall of Fame awards.
    2. Order and store awards presented.
    3. Research awards areas (20 year, 200 wins, etc.) and keep accurate records of past award recipients.
    4. Create new awards and omit unnecessary awards as needed.
    5. Work with the Fall Clinic and Hall of Fame Chairpersons with the presentation of awards.
    6. Organize award presenters at the State Tournament.
    7. Communicate State Coach of the Year, Wrestler of the Year, and Assistant Coach of the Year to national organizations for consideration of awards. Consider timelines for national awards(determined by NWCA deadlines).


14.Duties of the Web Site Coordinator
    1. Maintain, update, and add pages to the web site including calendar of events, posting of announcements, posting of clinic information, updating the Hall of Fame, posting photos and performing other necessary tasks as determined by the Executive Committee.
    2. Assume the role of editor for all material going on the web site.
    3. Act as liaison between the WWCA and the web site provider under contract to host the web site.
    4. Assist the president as needed.
    5. Solicit membership for updates of dual and tournament scores and email addresses.
    6. Assist in the voting process of awards and positions for WWCA in consultation with awards chairperson.
    7. Keep record of membership in consultation with treasurer and fall clinic chairperson.
    8. Develop nomination procedures, compile and distribute the list of candidates for vacancies, prepare ballots for election, and conduct the election process.
    9. Promote and publicize the WWCA through media coverage.


15.Duties of the Alumni Director
    1. To aide, assist and support the Wisconsin Wrestling Coaches Association as an Ad Hoc work force on approved projects and/or by attending and supporting WWCA functions.
    2. See Addendum A for bi-laws.
    3. Maintain and preserve historical artifacts of Wisconsin wrestling, currently located in Watertown as of 2019.
    4. Promote alumni involvement with the WWCA to gather artifacts of Wisconsin wrestling.


16.Terms of Office
1. The term of President involves a six-year consecutive commitment; two years as President Elect, two years as President and two years as Past President. An election will be held every two years for the position of President (President Elect). The current election cycle requires the election of a new President in 2021 who will begin serving as President Elect.


2. District Representatives will serve a four-year term with an election being held every four years and based upon an election cycle of two district elections held every year. The current election cycle requires District 1 and 2 elections in 2020, District 3 and 4 in 2021, District 5 and 6 in 2022, and District 7 and 8 in 2023. The next election cycle will begin in 2024.


3. Appointed positions are indefinite, end upon resignation, or the Executive Committee dismisses the appointee.


17.Vacancy of Executive Offices
1. If a member of the Executive Committee is unable to complete the assigned term for whatever circumstance, the President will appoint a WWCA member as a replacement to finish the term.


ARTICLE V (Meetings)
1. Regular Meetings
The Executive committee shall meet at the Fall Clinic, State Tournament, spring meeting , and the Hall of Fame selection date.


2. Special Meetings


3. Quorum
The President, when needed, may call for special meetings. A quorum shall consist of one more than half of the Executive committee and any action is based on simple majority.


4. Annual Meeting
The annual meeting for the entire membership is held at the WWCA Fall Clinic. Should other meetings be necessary, the decision will rest with the Executive Committee.


5. Transfer of Executive Committee Positions
Existing Executive Committee members replaced will leave the Executive Committee upon completion of the Hall of Fame selection. New Executive Committee Members are mentored into the Executive Committee during the Hall of Fame selection. New members remain for the Hall of Fame selection without  voting privilege. Voting privilege and term for new Executive Committee members will begin at the business meeting following the Hall of Fame Selection.


ARTICLE VI (Liability, Dissolution, Earnings)
1. Liability
The Corporation shall have no capital stock, and the private properties of the Incorporator, Executive Board, Officers, Committee Members, and no members shall be liable for the debts of the corporation.


2. Dissolution
In the event of the dissolution of the corporation, all of the assets of the corporation, after payment and discharge of its debts, obligations, and liabilities, shall be used for exclusively non-profit institutions as it directors at the time of dissolution shall direct. If such transferees are organized for those purposes and objectives set forth by this corporation and such transferees shall be tax-exempt institutions under the tax laws of the State of Wisconsin and the United States.


3. Earnings
No part of the net earnings of the corporation shall inure to the benefit of or distributed to its Members, Executive Committee, or other private persons. The corporation shall be authorized and empowered to pay reasonable compensation for services rendered and reimburse individuals for legitimate corporate expenses.


4. Tax Exemption
The WWCA is a non-profit organization with tax-exempt status as provided by the tax-exempt laws of the State of Wisconsin and the United States.


ARTICLE VII (Amendments)
1. Amendments to this constitution must be submitted in writing to the secretary at least two weeks before the annual meeting, or any special meeting called by the President, to conduct elections or amend the constitution.


2. To become a part of this constitution, an amendment must be approved by two thirds of the active membership present at the annual meeting.


WWCA Alumni Constitution

WWCA Alumni Constitution

(WWCA Alumni Chapter).
Members shall be referred to as “SAGES”.                        

The term ‘SAGE’ meaning: “A person venerated for the possession of wisdom, experience and judgement.”

PURPOSE: To aide, assist and support the Wisconsin Wrestling Coaches Association as an Ad Hoc work force on approved projects and/or by attending and supporting WWCA functions.

PROJECTS: Projects must be assigned or approved by the Executive Committee. A project idea that originates at the Alumni Chapter level must be submitted in writing thru the President of the WWCA Executive Committee for approval before implementation.


Chairman: The Chairman shall coordinate all chapter activities and be the Chapter Representative on the WWCA Executive Committee. The

Chairman shall have a non-voting seat on the WWCA Executive Committee. The Chairman shall be selected from within the chapter and the term of office shall be three years. A person may hold the position for more than one term.

A planning committee of not more than four alumni (4) volunteers, the chapter chairman (1), outgoing chairman (1), and the secretary (1), (Total 7) will meet at the request of the chair to review progress of projects, make requests of the Executive Committee and prepare agendas for steering committee meetings.

The steering committee shall be composed of up to 22 alumni whose purpose is to review progress, suggest project revisions and propose future direction of activities of the Alumni Chapter. One meeting will be held at the WWCA fall clinic. Others may be called as needed. Traditionally they have been as follows: Summer in conjunction with the WWCA Exec. Board meeting in Winneconne; Spring at the WIAA State Ind. Tournament; and at the WIAA Headquarters in Stevens Point (as needed).

MEETINGS: A general meeting of the membership shall have an official meeting once each year at the Fall Clinic or the State Individual Wrestling Tournament, which ever is most appropriate. Other meetings can be scheduled when needed by the Chapter Chairman. Subcommittee meetings may be called as needed by the Director. Minutes of all meetings shall be taken and submitted to the WWCA Executive Committee Secretary.

MEMBERSHIP: General Membership is open to retired or active coaches and other individuals who have contributed to the sport of wrestling at any level for at least 20 yrs, and who are at least 50 yrs of age and who have an interest/desire to continue to actively assist the WWCA. Alumni Chapter members shall be Honorary Members of the WWCA and their regular membership         fees  in  the      organization   will  be            waived.   This free membership does not include a subscription to the crossface.  All individuals must complete a membership application form. Upon doing so the new members will receive a membership card and pin.

CHAPTER FINANCES: The WWCA Executive Committee will provide funds for postage, stationary and the Chairman’s mileage to attend Executive  Board Meetings. Other requests for funding must be submitted to the President or the Executive Board for approval. The WWCA ALUMNI CHAPTER may create it's own account. All moneys and transactions of the ALUMNI CHAPTER must go through the WWCA Treasury and be accountable to the  WWCA

AMENDING THE ALUMNI CONSTITUTION: The constitution can be amended at a general membership meeting. Proposed amendments should be forwarded to the Chapter Chair prior to the scheduled meeting.

Alumni Constitution Submitted to the WWCA Executive Committee: President Mel Dow, August 2007.

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