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The Alumni Chapter is created to involve retired wrestling coaches an opportunity continue contributing to the WWCA and Wisconsin wrestling in general. The alumni will pursue projects to promote wrestling. Any coach who has retired from active coaching may become a member of the alumni chapter. Tom McGarvie is currently the Alumni Chapter representative to the Executive Board.  

At the present time the Alumni members are engaged in initiating local get togethers by alumni and interested parties around the state of Wisconsin and in incouraging the contribution of historical materials to the WWCA archive/museum collection housed at the YMCA in Watertown, Wisconsin.

The WWCA was founded in 1957 and alumni are currently working with the time frame from that date to the present. Anyone who has information, articles or pictures pertaining to the WWCA are asked to please share that information with the Alumni Research Committee. All items that are shared will be returned to the original owner, we request in advance that we be allowed to make copies of the shared information. 

A significant project, undertaken by Bob Olson (New Richmond), is a chronological list documenting the name and dates of service of every head coach from every Wisconsin high school wrestling program. There are over 7,300 entries.


Alumni Committee Members meeting at the 2014 Fall Coaches Clinic: (left to right) Ed Stech, Willie Myers, Al Bauman, Jim Stephenson, Joe Kind, Fred Lehrke, Don Hale, and Bob Olson

Steering Committee Members

Al Bauman, Don Hale, Joe Kind, Emil Kuhn, Fred Lehrke, Willie Myers, Bob Olson, Jim Richie, Don Moe, Gary Egan, Stan Yazawa, Jim Stephenson, Don Hartman, Jerry Barr, Gary Gutknecht, and Larry Marchionda

Information and Membeship applications may be sent to the following individuals:

Jim Stephenson

Phone: 608-849-7942

Don Hartman

Phone: 715-294-4239

Bob Olson

Phone: 715-246-4086

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