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WWCA Executive Meeting

09/18/2003, 6:26pm CDT
By President

JULY 10, 2003

Meeting called to order by President Luke Francois at 12:40 p.m.

Members Present: Luke Francois, Dave McCarthy, Scott Schmitz, Craig Belcher, Jerry Barr, Barry Schmitt, Ed Leonard, John Stockowitz, Ken Manning, Mel Dow, Bob Empey, Blaine Felsman, Bob Olson, Bob Skubal, Don Hartman, Don Hale

New officers from this year's elections were announced: President-Elect-Bob Empey, District 2 Rep. Bob Skubal, District 4 Rep. Blaine Felsman, District 6 Rep. Wendall Bean, District 8 Rep. Kevin Morin.

Don Hale gave the Secretary's Report. John Stockowitz made a motion to accept the report. Craig Belcher second. Motion carried.

Bob Empey gave the Treasurer's Report. Barry Schmitt made a motion to accept the report. Scott Schmitz second. Motion carried.


John Stockowitz reported on the Fall Clinic. He has lined up Clinicians LeRoy Vega of Minnesota, Kevin and Tony Black from UW-Madison, and Mike DeRoehn of UW-Oshkosh. The clinic giveaway will
include an office folio. John gave a listing of clinic costs. Dave McCarthy made a motion to have the clinic registration at $100.00 and $120.00 for late registration. Bob Empey seconded the motion. Motion carried unanimously. The clinic will be using T.V sets with videos. It was suggested the WWCA buy the T.V. sets and raffle them off at the clinic. Scott Schmitz made a motion to buy 4 T.V. sets for the fall clinic. Ed Leonard seconded the motion. Motion carried unanimously. Craig Belcher made a motion to charge vendors $150.00 which would include a business card linked to the WWCA website. Mel Dow second. Motion carried. John Stockowitz will contact Don Kreuser for the information and forward the info to Bob Olson.

Mel Dow reported on the State Awards. Mel handed out updates on Conference Champions, 20 year awards, and 30 year awards, etc. Mel would like an update on the information. He would prefer the
information be e-mailed in regards to corrections of names, spelling, etc. Mel made a motion to have awards presented for 40 years and 50 years of service. Craig Belcher second. Motion carried. Mel also made a motion to put past awards on the WWCA Website. Craig Belcher second. Motion passed.

Dave McCarthy reported on Public Relations. Dave would like to see coaches use the WWCA Webpage to download Special Service Awards (20 year, 30 year, Media awards, Nominations etc.) Dave would like coaches to take more advantage of the WWCA Website. Dave stated the WWCA State Tournament Suite will be available for members again for the 2004 Individual State Tournament.

Don Hartman reported for the Alumni Group. He would like retired coaches receive a membership deal. Bob Skubal made a motion for Hall of Fame members receive a lifetime membership in the WWCA. Craig Belcher second. Motion carried. Hall of Fame members would still have to purchase their own Crossface subscriptions. Jerry Barr, John Stockowitz, Joe Kaster, Willie Myers, and Jim Koch were congratulated on being selected for the National Wrestling Hall of Fame Lifetime Service
Award. Dave McCarthy made a motion to donate $250.00 per year to the National Wrestling Hall of Fame on behalf of the WWCA and Wisconsin inductees. Craig Belcher second. Motion carried.

Web Director Bob Olson reported on several items regarding the WWCA Website. Bob would like to see more items on the calendar. There will also be some changes to the links. Some things do not need to be listed. E-mail addresses of coaches and schools need to be updated. Could or should the registration for the Fall Clinic be downloaded from our Website? John Stockowitz suggested next year's registration could be done electronically and the coaches could be made aware if about
online registration. Bob Empey suggested forms for the clinic and membership be put on the internet to download. Next year the WWCA will
mail out a postcard to let coaches know about downloading the registration and membership. We would put out 2 forms on the web-page for clinic and membership. John Stockowitz suggested we survey the coaches to see how they feel about online registration. He will put something together for coaches' response.

Blaine Felsman gave his report on the WWCA golf outing. He thanked the district reps. for the raffle prizes and indicated more items are needed
to make it a better success. Other things being looked into include celebrity golfers and more giveaways. This year's outing featured 33
golfers and made a profit of $1,681.77. Next year's golf outing will be on May 29, 2004 at Westhaven Golf Course in Oshkosh. A flyer for the
outing will be on the WWCA Website and put on the calendar as well. The Committee thanked Blaine for his efforts for the success of this year's outing.

Ken Manning reported on the WWCA Yearbook. Ken asked for State Team Pictures. Ken stated the National Guard has not committed yet and will not be able to do so until October 1st. Access Publishing was suggested as a possibility to publish the yearbook. Mel Dow made a motion to contact Access Publishing to publish the WWCA Yearbook. Jerry Barr second. Motion carried. Ken will contact Access unless we can find funding from other sources. John Stockowitz made a motion to reimburse workers of the yearbook $7.00 per hour for 40 hours of work. Bob Skubal second. Motion carried.

The WWCA Executive Committee used the next portion of the meeting working on the update and revisions of the WWCA Constitution and Articles. This has been a process in the works for the past few years due to changes in the WIAA districts as well as committee additions and responsibilities. During the process of reworking the Constitution the subject of the President's term was discussed. Mel Dow made a motion for WWCA President Luke Francois to finish a 3rd year as President to get back on the correct cycle regarding the term as WWCA President. Craig Belcher second. Motion carried. This will be taken to the WWCA Association for adoption.

Craig Belcher made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Dave McCarthy second. Meeting adjourned at 4:25 p.m.

Next WWCA Executive Committee meeting: September 13, 2003---9:30 a.m.
Madison Holiday Inn.

Respectfully Submitted,

Don Hale

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