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WWCA Executive Meeting September 13, 2003

09/23/2003, 9:45pm CDT
By President

WWCA Executive Meeting
September 13, 2003
Holiday Inn-Middleton

The meeting was called to order a 9:13 a.m. by President Luke Francois. 
Members present: Blaine Felsman, Scott Schmitz, Ed Lenard, John
Stockowitz, Jerry Barr, Craig Belcher, Wendall Bean, Mel Dow, Don Hale,
Luke Francois, Bob Empey.

Don Hale gave the Secretary's report. Jerry Barr made a motion to accept
the Secretary's report. Craig Belcher 2nd. Motion Carried.
Bob Empey handed out the Treasurer's report. The WWCA has a present
balance of $28,151.01. We completed the fiscal year with a balance of
$30,262.91. This amount also includes a check from All-American Wrestling
Supply for a Scholarship which can not be spent, but is included in our
total balance. Craig Belcher made a motion to accept the Treasurer's
report. Ed Lenard 2nd. Motion Carried.


John Stockowitz reported on the Fall Clinic. John reported Johnny Johnson
will not be able to supply a video this year. Therefore the clinic will
not be videotaped this year. A video is planned to be done next year. 
John explained some of the costs of the clinic. A good example is the
cost of the meals. Our cost for the lunch is $15.34. Our tickets are
priced at $16.00. Our cost for the Banquet dinner is $24.73. Our tickets
are priced at $26.00. John suggested the committee should take care of
reserving their own rooms for the clinic. It was agreed that each
committee member will do so. Bob Skubal was given the distinct pleasure
of heading up the WWCA Clinic Raffle with the assistance of the District
Reps. District Reps. should bring various items (both large and small)
for the raffle. Next year's clinic (2004) will be November 5th & 6th in
Green Bay. That will be the final year of our contract with Embassy
Suites. We need to look into a site for the 2005 Clinic. Mel Dow will
contact La Crosse also for information on hosting. John also mentioned
Ken Chertow is interested in returning as a clinician.

Jerry Barr reported on the Hall of Fame Banquet. This year's inductee's
are Gary Egan of Marshall, Bob Olson of New Richmond, and Jack Hammond of
Neillsville. Jerry reported the he, Luke Francois, and Don Moe removed
the WWCA Hall of Fame plaques from the UW-Madison Fieldhouse due to
renovations. The next question was to where they should go. Jerry is
presently keeping them. Jerry stated that many of the plaques need to be
replaced. He quoted Jostens for a price of $41.00 per plaque. After
discussion Scott Schmitz made a motion to table the Hall of Fame Plaques
replacement to a later date. Craig Belcher 2nd. Motion Carried. Jerry
Barr made a motion for the WWCA to reimburse Don Moe, Luke Francois, and
Jerry Barr for their lunch during the time they were taking the plaques
from the fieldhouse. Blaine Felsman 2nd. Motion Carried. Jerry
designated the Award presenters for the Hall of Fame Banquet. Awards for
some areas such as Conference Awards, Media Awards and 100,200, and 300
wins will be include in the program and handed out at the Saturday
Luncheon. Some Awards presented at the Banquet will be introduced and
handed out in groups in order to speed up the ceremony.
Mel Dow reported on the Awards designated for longevity of coaching
wrestling in Wisconsin. Mel has done a great deal of research to update
how many years each coach in Wisconsin has been coaching. Mel made a
motion to award all coaches with 20 and 30 years experience to receive
their proper award. Scott Schmitz 2nd. Motion carried. Mel also
inquired on awards for 40 and 50 year recipients. Some different
suggestions Mel gave for the 40year recognition were: 1. Leather Jacket
valued at $130.00. 2. Silver Ring valued at $195.00. For the 50 year
recognition Mel suggested a Bronze Plaque or a Crystal Pillar Style
Trophy. Mel motioned to give the Jacket for 40 years and the Crystal 
Pillar for 50 years. Bob Empey 2nd. Motion defeated. Mel made a motion
to present a jacket to 40 year recipients. Craig Belcher 2nd. During the
discussion Wendall Bean suggested a plaque be presented with the jacket. 
The motion was amended to present a jacket and plaque to the 40 year
recipient. Motion carried. Ed Lenard made a motion to present a Bronze
Plaque to a coach who has coached for 50 years. Craig Belcher 2nd. 
Motion carried. Craig will work with Mel to get information needed to be
placed on the plaque to be presented to the coach with 50 years of service
to Wisconsin wrestling. Mel also plans to update past awards to be posted
on the WWCA web-site.

Public Relations items included the Suite for the State Individual
Tournament at the Kohl Center. Don Hale made a motion to leave the fee at
$50.00 which would cover the $40.00 for the ticket and a charge of $10.00
for use of the Suite. The WWCA would incur the other costs. Jerry Barr
2nd. Motion Carried.

A written proposal by Don Hartman was presented to the committee by Luke
Francois in regards to forming an Alumni Chapter for the WWCA. Don's
proposal would form a group of retired coaches who could perform tasks and
assist the WWCA with social events. Don feels there are many coaches would
have time and the desire to stay involved with Wisconsin wrestling and the
Wisconsin Wrestling Coaches Association. The chapter would be open to any
retired individual who wishes to continue to support the WWCA. The
chapter would have a representative on the WWCA Board who would report on
activities that the chapter would be involved with. Scott Schmitz made a
motion to accept Don's proposal to form an Alumni Chapter for the WWCA. 
Blaine Felsman 2nd. Motion carried.

The next agenda item was the Web-Site. We again need to make more use of
our Web-Site and all the different things we can do with it. Craig
Belcher made a motion to charge an annual fee to advertise on our Web-Site
with the cost to be determined by Web-Site Director Bob Olson. The cost
would be determined by Bob who would take care of the billing and the
collection of the checks. The WWCA again encourages school to enter their
scores on the Web-Site. This item will be added to the District meetings
at the clinic for more emphasis. E-mail addresses and other information
also need to be updated. Mel Dow suggested our e-mails should not be sold
out to various businesses. It was also asked if e-mails could be put into
Districts to send information out in groups. Any suggestions and
recommendations should be sent to Bob Olson. Bob Empey suggested we make
a list of important dates instead of a calendar. Bob will contact Bob
Olson regarding this.

Blaine Felsman reported on the success of the golf outing. Next year's
WWCA Golf Outing will be on Saturday May 29, 2004. Blaine would like help
with raffle items and give away prizes. Blaine would like to contact a
celebrity golfer to help promote the outing. He will contact Dan Gable to
see if he would be available. Coach Gable was instrumental in the efforts
to save the UW-Oshkosh Wrestling Program. Blaine made a motion to
purchase reusable permanent sponsor signs with the WWCA logo for $25.00
each. Craig Belcher 2nd. After discussion the motion was tabled until
Blaine can bring a sample to the clinic. Blaine made a motion to purchase
150 towels with the WWCA logo on them at a cost of $2.50 per towel. Craig
Belcher 2nd. Motion Carried. Craig will contact John Quinlan to see if
he can get golf balls with the WWCA logo.

The WWCA Yearbook will not be sponsored by the National Guard this year. 
Other sources such as Quik-Trip and Home Depot have been suggested as
possibilities to help fund the project. Ken would like 500-600 books
printed. Ken will be asked to contact Access printing if Quik-Trip or
Home Depot or other sources cannot help.

The discussion on Old Business included the Board of Control decisions. 
The only recommendation passed by the Board was the rule on girls only
competition not affecting the teams maximum number of team events.

Meeting adjourned at 12:05 p.m. for lunch and reconvened at 12:40 p.m.

The afternoon session began with the report of the 7% committee. No action

The Committee reviewed the Constitution revisions. Jerry Barr motioned to
have the revisions of the WWCA Constitution brought before the WWCA
membership at the annual business meeting for ratification. Mel Dow 2nd. 
Motion Carried.

Luke Francois commented on getting new shirts for the Executive Committee.
These would be worn at the clinic to help show membership who they can
contact if they have questions, comments, or suggestions. Craig Belcher
motioned for the WWCA to purchase long and short sleeve shirts for
Executive Committee members. Ed Lenard 2nd. Motion Carried.

A proposal by Steve Hinsel was presented to the board in regards to
television coverage of the Team and Individual State Tournament. He would
like the use of the WWCA name, stationary, and postage to raise funds to
showcase the tournaments. He would work with a WWCA board rep to meet
with officials from public television to figure a cost of programming. 
Craig Belcher made a motion to raise funds annually by sponsorship
donation to showcase the WIAA State Individual and Team Tournament on
Public Television. Bob Empey 2nd. Motion Carried. Dave McCarthy will be
the WWCA liaison with Steve and would have the final say.

Mel Dow made a motion to cancel the WWCA phone card and purchase calling
cards from Sam's Club for members who need to have phone usage. Members
would purchase a card and be reimbursed by the WWCA. Blaine Felsman 2nd.
Motion Carried.
Preferred Site List for Regional Tournaments was also discussed. It was
determined District Reps. should contact various schools through coaches,
athletic directors, and principals to find out what schools are best
suited for hosting the Regional Tournaments. Things to be considered
should be facilities (floor space, seating, etc.), workers, quality of
tournaments run by the host school. Schools able to provide the best
scenario for hosting a tournament should be given preference.

Mel Dow suggested coaches should help mentor new coaches to help them
become more aware of all the details of coaching and the other items that
are "behind the scene." A sub-committee of Mel Dow, Don Hale, Scott
Schmitz, Ed Lenard, and Wendall Bean will put together a mentor packet for
new coaches. New coaches will be contacted through their registration at
the clinic. District reps. should also ask at their district meetings
which coaches are new.

David Miller of All American Wrestling Supply has offered to give a
scholarship to a graduating senior on behalf of the WWCA and All American
Wrestling Supply. Criteria for the scholarship was discussed which
included: 1. To continue wrestling. 2. Stay in Wisconsin. 3. Attend 1
year of school (wrestling) before the scholarship is presented. 4. Based
on academics. 5. Other factors were also brought up. Mel Dow made a
motion to table the Scholarship until more details can be worked out. 
Craig Belcher 2nd. Motion Carried.

Jerry Barr motioned to add the Alumni Rep. and the Web-Site Director to
the WWCA Committee as Ad Hoc Committee members. Scott Schmitz 2nd. 
Motion Carried. Jerry also suggested the Wisconsin Wrestling Federation
link be added to our Web-Site. Mel Dow made a motion that a WWF
representative be invited to our WWCA executive meetings for a period of 2
years to see how the WWF and the WWCA could work together for wrestling in
the State of Wisconsin. Scott Schmitz 2nd. Motion Carried.

Should the WWCA have an official photographer? The WWCA has been
fortunate to have Joe Kind take pictures at the Hall of Fame Banquet. Joe
has also supplied photographs to several national publications on behalf
of Wisconsin wrestling. Jerry Barr will contact Joe to see if he would be
interested in this possibility and if so; what will he need? Items such
as cost of film, entry to tournaments, what tournaments to photograph need
to be taken into consideration.

Luke Francois has been in contact with Terry Shockley in regards to
radio/television coverage. This is in the very preliminary stages. 
During the season this could possibly be done on a Tuesday. It would not
cost the WWCA any funds. The funding would be done through sponsorships
and donations.

Live television coverage for the State Team Tournament is still being
worked upon. At present time it is not a saleable item. The tournament
can't have all 3 Divisions wrestling at the same time. If the center mat
could have the finals done one after another, it could have some
possibilities. Again this is still an ongoing endeavor.

Can the wrestlers and state coaches traveling to National Team events be
helped with financial aid? Can we help the wrestlers with transportation?
The WWCA will check into guidelines and policies of how other states deal
with this item.

Mel Dow suggested the WWCA provide a membership card. This was done years
ago but Mel suggested a more updated a beneficial card. Such advantages
of the card could be admission to college meets, entry to the hospitality
room at the State Tournament, possible discounts from wrestling supply
companies. The logo and the Web-site could be printed on the card. Mel
will investigate the possibilities that are available. He will check into
this with Dave Miller. Jerry Barr will check with Chief printing.

The next item was a ling discussion on the issue of summer contact with
athletes. The WIAA is asking the WWCA to come up with some guidelines for
summer contact. Items needed to be addressed include: 1. From last day
of school to the start of the school year? 2. Should all 19 sports be
treated the same? 3. Contact of an athlete at a camp you are working. 4.
Driving athletes to a clinic or camp. 5. Time allotment during the
summer. How many hours, days or weeks should it be? Many details need to
be discussed and worked out. We also need to know what other states do. 
Luke suggested we bring this up at the district meetings. Bob Empey will
make up a short list of items centering on the discussions at this
meeting. No motion was made until the WWCA can come up with what they
feel is a workable plan to present to the WIAA.

8th grade participation was brought up but no motion was presented.

Awards Chairman would like the WWCA come up with an Official's Award. How
to decide who would receive the award was the next question. Jerry Barr
suggested officials at the State Tournaments be recognized. Relative to
this item Craig Belcher mentioned we need more officials. Every coach was
in agreement to this. We all have to work on getting more of our
wrestlers involved in this area. The Officials Award was tabled until
more discussion could be held.

The WWCA will recommend to the Wisconsin Wrestling Coaches they follow the
NCAA recommendations of proper dress for meets. This would mean no jeans
and no hats. This will be presented at the annual business meeting.

Mel Dow will look at the possibility of an All-Star Event. He will look
into the Minnesota-Wisconsin Exchange.

Bob Empey will send out information to WWCA Executive Committee members
for the District meetings.

Craig Belcher made a motion to adjourn. Bob Empey 2nd. Motion Carried. 
Meeting adjourned at 4:25 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,

Don Hale

Next Executive Meeting
Friday November 7, 2003
10:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m.
Embassy Suites-Green Bay

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