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WWCA Executive Committee Meeting 11/7/03

11/26/2003, 3:24pm CST
By President

WWCA Executive Committee Meeting
Regency Suites
November 7, 2003

Members Present: Don Hartman, Larry Marchionda, Kevin Morin, Barry
Schmitt, Ed Lenard, Dave McCarthy, Craig Belcher, Bob Skubal, Mel Dow,
Bob Empey, Luke Francois, Bob Olson, David Black, Eric Lehrke, Jerry
Barr, Wendell Bean, ScottSchmitz, Ken Manning, Blaine Felsman, Don Hale

Luke Francois called the meeting to order at 10:00 a.m.

Larry Marchionda addressed the three year President's term in which
Luke took over for Larry when he had hip surgery.

The Annual Business meeting agenda was presented to the committee. The
meeting will be held on Saturday November 8th at 7:45 a.m.

Don Hale gave the Secretary's report from the September meeting in
Madison. Craig Belcher made a motion to accept the Secretary's report
and Blaine Felsman second, the motion carried.

Bob Empey gave the Treasurer's report. We will be starting the year
with a balance of $30,232.91. Larry Marchionda made a motion to accept
the Treasurer's report. Jerry Barr second, the motion carried.

Ken Manning handed out the clinician introduction assignments.

Jerry Barr reminded the Hall of Fame Banquet Presenters of their

Jerry commented that Quik Mart has phone cards for a price as cheap if
not cheaper than Sam's.

Eric Lehrke will handle the District 2 meeting.

Bob Olson reminded the committee members if they have address updates
they should contact him.

Mel Dow stated he had contacted Officials for the Official's Award.

Public Relations Chairman Dave McCarthy reported 47 seats in the
Nicholas Suite at the Kohl Center have been spoken for. There are only
10 seats still available.

Dave stated the website is going well and we need to keep the
information going to the web. He also stated the need and willingness
of which the WWCA and the WWF to work together. Dave Black from the WWF
emphasized that we should promote Wisconsin wrestling and not worry
about tournaments and clinics in other states.

Don Hartman spoke on behalf of the WWCA Alumni Group. Don handed out
by-laws and stated if the group was approved at the Annual Business
Meeting they will begin their work. Don stated four items the alumni
group will begin working on:
1.    Raffle Items
2.    Golf Outing
3.    WWCA History
4.    Wisconsin Wrestling History

Bob Olson reported on the web. He mentioned that important dates
should be sent to him. He would also like a counter for the number of
hits the web page receives. Bob would like Joe Kind to take pictures of
the Executive Committee and put them next to their addresses. He would
like e-mail lists updated for schools and coaches. Bob asked that
coaches report their scores to the web. The form for Dual Meet scores
is already set but Tournament scores need to be typed in. Any other
links need (ex. College programs) should be sent to Bob.

Blaine Felsman reported on the Golf Outing and requested 14 signs for
the outing. Bob Skubal second, motion carried. Blaine mentioned the
need of raffle prizes and a celebrity.

Ken Manning presented the yearbooks and felt it was something we can do
every year. He was hoping all coaches would send updates.

John Stockowitz will be looking at a clinic location for the 2005 Hall
of Fame Clinic and Banquet. Our last contracted year with Regency

Bob Empey handed out the agenda for the District meetings. Most of the
time allotted at the meetings will deal with discussion of summer

Dave McCarthy stated he is working on the T.V. coverage issue. The
cost of the coverage has been listed at $22,000.00.

Craig Belcher made a motion to adjourn, Scott Schmitz second.

Meeting adjourned at 12:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Don Hale
WWCA Secretary

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