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WWCA Annual Business Meeting 11/8/03

11/26/2003, 3:26pm CST
By President

Annual Business Meeting
Regency Suites- Green Bay
November 8, 2003

President Luke Francois called the meeting to order at 7:55 a.m.

Don Hale gave the Secretary's Report.
Bob Empey gave the Treasurer's Report

Larry Marchionda addressed the issue of Luke's presidential term and
the need for Luke to have a three year term in order to get things back
on track. Larry made a motion for this and Scott Schmitz seconded the
motion. Motion carried.

Luke gave a brief summary on the following items to the membership:
1.    7% Committee
2.    Team State Qualifying
3.    Web-site Foundation
4.    T.V. Coverage for the State Tournament
5.    Preferred site-list for Regional and Sectional Tournaments
6.    Summer Contact
7.    14 weight classes

In regards to the 14 weight classes, many coaches liked the 215 lb.
weight class but felt 14 were too many. Luke presented the WWCA
constitution to the association members with updated revisions. Don
Kreuser made a motion to approve the WWCA Constitution as revised. 
Scott Schmitz seconded. Motion carried.

Luke suggested coaches follow a dress code similar to the NCAA
recommendations for wrestling meets. Luke also mentioned the Hall of
Fame Banquet is a special event and we should dress accordingly. 
Wrestlers should also dress for their meets as a team.

Summer contact was discussed with several items to be considered:
1.    Should we keep it as is
2.    Open Window
3.    Contact from when school ends until school begins
4.    No limitations

Larry Marchionda addressed summer contact reasoning from earlier days. 
Some coaches didn't wasn't to spend the entire year coaching. Barry
Schmitt suggested it should be done with local control.

Keith Swett made a motion to have open contact with their wrestlers. 
Larry Marchionda seconded. Motion carried 92-2. This will be on next
year's Sectional Questionnaire.

Luke talked on the upcoming breakout sessions.

Bob Berceau addressed the issue of knowing the starting weight-class at
the Team State meet. Can this be drawn at the Sectional Meet or should
28 wrestlers be allowed at the State meet? Luke will address this in
the future for discussion.

Larry Marchionda made a motion to adjourn. Ed Lenard second.

Meeting adjourned at 8:47 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Don Hale
WWCA Secretary

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