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WWCA Executive Committee Meeting - February 28, 2004

03/28/2004, 9:52am CST
By President

WWCA Executive Committee Meeting
February 28, 2004
Kohl Center � Madison

President Luke Francois called the meeting to order at 7:00 a.m.

Members present: Luke Francois, Craig Belcher, Dave McCarthy, Jerry Barr, Mel Dow, Larry Marchionda, Bob Skubal, Bob Olson, Ed Lenard, Scott Schmitz, Ken Manning, Wendell Bean, Don Hale, Bob Empey, Eric Lehrke, Barry Schmitt, Blaine Felsman.

Secretary�s Report �tabled
Treasurer�s Report was given by Eric Lehrke

Mel Dow gave his report on the awards committee. Nominations for Awards will be on the internet and will be forwarded to Dave McCarthy. Discussion followed on an award for officials of the State Tournament. Bob Skubal made a motion for the WWCA to present an award to the officials. Ed Lenard seconded the motion. Motion Carried. The award will be taken over by the WWCA and be presented with logos of the WWCA and WIAA. The award would have a picture of the official raising the hand of a winning wrestler.

Public Relations Chairman Dave McCarthy reported the Nichols Suite at the Kohl Center has worked out very well. Dave stated nominations for the various WWCA awards should be made on the Web-Site. Dave also would like to see the membership listed on the Web-Site.

Web-Site Director Bob Olson stated the Web-Site will have a new look because of the recent additions. Bob suggested we use the classified ads and encouraged coaches to report their scores. Dave McCarthy wanted to know if nominated coaches could be listed so other coaches would know who is nominated.

Eric Lehrke made a motion to allow a credit card payment window from August to January 1st for membership etc. Bob Empey seconded the motion. Motion passed.

Ken Manning reported on the future of the Fall Clinic. Several cities are interested in hosting the clinic including the La Crosse Radison in 2005-2006. Ken stated John Stockowitz would certainly find the best spot for the Clinic in regards to all the various items we would need.

Jerry Barr stated nominations for the Hall of Fame can be downloaded through the WWCA Web-Site.

Blaine reported on the Golf Outing. He would like hole sponsors at $100.00 per hole. He also planned to use the WWCA logo for the hole sponsor signs.

Don Hartman spoke on behalf of the Alumni Committee. He plans to set up an informal meeting to assign duties such as the history of the WWCA, help with the golf outing, or whatever area the committee feels thy can help with.

Craig Belcher made a motion to reimburse Luke Francois for the parking passes. Scott Schmitz 2nd. Motion carried. Craig Belcher made a motion to reimburse Parker Vivoda for transporting trophies and other awards to the clinic. Ed Lenard 2nd. Motion carried

In regards to TV coverage of the State Tournament Todd Clark stated he and Dave Anderson will speak to Sports Fox North Net in April. He estimates sponsorship costs will range between $18,000-$25,000.

Preferred sites for tournaments will again be given to the WIAA for the tournament series.

Ed Lenard is compiling a mentor�s letter and will bring it to the summer meeting.

Bob Empey stated a scholarship will be sponsored by All-American Sports on behalf of the WWCA. The scholarship will need to be given out with criteria involving more that wrestling qualifications. Academics and other items will need to be considered.

Mel Dow will line up more details in regards to a membership card for WWCA members.

Luke Francois presented a slide presentation from the NWCA in regards to the weight management program. At this point the slide presentation was informational with some ideas in regards to how it could be used on line in the future.

The sectional questionnaire stated an over whelming number of coaches prefer to have summer contact with their wrestlers.

Other items the WWCA will look into will be 8th grade participation, season starting date, and the number of weight classes.

The Coaches Advisory Committee will also look at the number of schools in Division 1 (138) to be reduced to the 128 who actually have wrestling. It would make Division 1 with 16 regionals with 8 teams.

Ken Manning made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 9:00 a.m. Don Hale 2nd. Motion carried

Respectfully submitted

Don Hale
WWCA Secretary 

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