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WWCA Executive Meeting November 4 2005

12/07/2005, 9:56am CST
By President

WWCA Executive Meeting
November 4, 2005
Regency Suites, Green Bay

President Bob Empey called the meeting to order at 10:02 a.m.

Members Present: Ken Manning, Kevin Morin, Blaine Felsman, Jerry Barr, Craig Belcher, Barry Schmitt, Bob Empey, Scott Schmitz, Dave McCarthy, Ed Lenard, Eric Lehrke, Mel Dow, Dave Black, Bob Olson, Don Kreuser, Luke Francois, Kent Weiler, John Stockowitz, Wendall Bean, Don Hale

Don Hale presented the Secretary's Report. Craig Belcher made a motion to approve the secretary's report. Luke Francois 2nd. Motion carried.

Eric Lehrke gave the Treasurer's Report. The WWCA has a balance of $71,865.27 before clinic expenses are paid. Barry Schmitt made a motion to accept the treasurer's report. Ken Manning 2nd. Motion carried.

Bob Empey thanked the committees for all of their efforts for the clinic and banquet. He stated the 7% On-line is being created by Justin Tritz and if coaches have any comments or questions, they should be presented to Dave Anderson of the WIAA. Bob also passed out a �Thank You� note from Eric Metzler who received the Wrestler of the Year Scholarship.

Blaine Felsman reported on the Golf Outing. The date will be Saturday, June 17, 2006, and will be held at Lake Breeze Golf Club outside of Winneconne. Blaine will send mailings to wrestling clubs to gather hole sponsors.

John Stockowitz reported the clinic was running fine, but he had a problem with Pay Pal. This will be handled next year with a change in the banking and checking. John handed out proposals for future clinics and banquets. After a discussion in regards to transportation and costs, Luke Francois made a motion to have the clinic remain in Green Bay through the year of 2008. Eric Lehrke 2nd. Motion carried. It was suggested that the WWCA hold a clinic in the western part of the state for coaches who could not attend the fall clinic because of traveling distance.

Ken Manning assigned coaches to introduce the clinicians. Ken then handed out the WWCA Wrestling Yearbooks.

Dave McCarthy gave his Public Relations report. He said 41 tickets have been reserved for the Nicolas Suite Area for the Individual State Tournament. There are still 17 seats still available.

Luke Francois reported the WIAA has a contract with Fox Sports North Network to broadcast the Individual State Tournament. This will be a taped delayed program. Luke has also mentioned the Wisconsin Army National Guard and the Shockley Foundation is donating $10,000.00 for the Wrestling Radio Broadcasts. There is also a chance that State Team Tournament matches can be bought on CD-Rom.

New Awards Chairman Don Kreuser complimented former Awards Chairman Mel Dow (President- elect) and thanked him for his excellent organization of the awards. Don also gave out the awards assignments for the Hall of Fame Banquet.

Website Director Bob Olson gave his report and asked for any committee updates to be corrected. He wanted to know who updates the e-mail addresses of coaches. He asked coaches to make use of the classified ads. They should report their scores to track wrestling.

A discussion on the website provider ensued. Mel Dow made a motion to change the web provider to Justin Tritz and Craig Belcher second. Motion passed 14-0 with 1 abstain. Bob Olson will oversee when the change over to Justin will occur. Don Kreuser made a motion that the WWCA pay any incurred costs on Bob's part (determined by Bob) through the transitional time. Ed Lenard second. Motion passed.

Luke Francois motioned to enter into a 1 year contact with Justin Tritz for $3,000.00 flat rate upon the beginning of Justin's time. Jerry Barr second. Motion passed.

Jerry Barr reported the Hall of Fame display is no longer in the Field House. The kiosk will be in the Kohl Center and it might be displayed in Camp Randall. The Hall of Fame plaques are in Jerry's basement. We need to decide if we want to continue the plaques and where do we want to have a permanent display. Luke Francois motioned to find a vendor to have a public display of the Hall of Fame plaques. Ken Manning second. Motion passed. Luke will talk to Duane Kleven and Terry Shockley to find a place in Madison.

State team Coach Scott Schmitz is looking for more support and will pass out information at the Regional Tournaments.

Mel Dow and Dave Black will be working to start up the All Star Event again.

Under New Business was the Rich Carlson proposal to wrestle back to 3rd place at the Individual State Tournament. Bob Empey handed out neighboring states' tournament procedures. Mel Dow made a motion to have a discussion on this matter at our WWCA Annual meeting. Craig Belcher second. Motion passed.

There was a discussion on 7th and 8th grade participation with no action taken.

The next item on the agenda was the summer summit. Does the WWCA want to promote Freestyle / Greco Wrestling? Eric Lehrke stated the WWF would support such an effort. Mel Dow made a motion to organize a 2006 summer summit in conjunction with the Wisconsin Wrestling Federation and USA Wrestling. Eric Lehrke second. Motion passed.

Axis Publishing will now publish the WWCA Yearbook annually rather than bi-annually.

The WWCA wished to recognize All-American Wrestling Supply as a great sponsor and would like to acknowledge those efforts at the annual meeting.

Next year, the WIAA will look at changes needed for the State Dual Meet format of the Team Tournament.

The WWCA was asked to help with live broadcasts of the Bi-State Tournament. The live broadcast would be in WVRQ radio and from 10:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. It would be broadcasted both days and continuous on the internet until completion. Luke Francois made a motion to have the WWCA spend $250.00 to support the live broadcast. Craig Belcher second. Motion passed.

Luke Francois made a motion to adjourn. Craig Belcher second. Meeting adjourned at 1:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Don Hale
WWCA Secretary

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