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WWCA Executive Meeting

02/25/2006, 9:47am CST
By Bob Olson

W.W.C.A. Executive Meeting
Kohl Center / Madison
February 25, 2006

Members Present: Bob Empey, Luke Francois, Mel Dow, Scott Schmitz, Ken Manning, Craig Belcher, Bob Skubal, Ed Lenard, Barry Schmitt, Blaine Felsman, Keith Morin, Don Kreuser, Jerry Barr, Wendall Bean, Dave Black, Eric Lehrke, Jon Mesinbrink, Dave McCarthy, Don Hale, Jim Stephenson, Kent Weiler, Lewie Benitz

President Bob Empey called the meeting to order at 7:05 A.M.

President Bob Empey thanked the committee members for their work on the clinic raffle. It was a success and the money generated to the W.W.C.A. has been put to good use. Bob reported our web-site has been switched over to Justin Tritz and

Don Hale presented copies of the Executive Meeting from the 2005 Fall Clinic. Luke Francois made a motion to accept the minutes. Craig Belcher 2nd. Motion Approved.

Eric Lehrke gave the treasurers report. Bob Skubal made a motion to accept the treasurer?s report. Ed Lenard 2nd. Motion Approved.

Discussion followed on the payment to Justin Tritz for the web-site. Luke Francois made a motion to pay Justin Tritz for the W.W.C.A. web-site at the Executive Committee Meeting of the Individual State Wrestling Tournament. Mel Dow 2nd. Motion Carried.

Blaine Felsman reported on the W.W.C.A. Golf Outing, The Golf Outing will be held on Saturday, June 17th at the Lake Breeze Golf Course in Winneconne. Blaine is working on hole sponsors and green sponsors. He plans to send out notices to the Wrestling Clubs throughout the state for sponsorships and financial support.

Ken Manning reported on the Yearbook and the Fall Clinic. Kevin Morin is looking at college teams for additional contributions to the W.W.C.A. Yearbook. Ken is continually receiving letters, e-mails, and faxes for updates, Ken also thanked the W.W.C.A. for the funding of the live broadcast of the Bi-State Tournament on WVRQ.

Awards Chairman Don Kreuser requested help for this year?s Team Conference Championships. District Reps. were to report their areas champions to him for their conference Plaque Awards. Don also assigned presenters for the Individual Awards for the 2006 State Champions and Place Winners. Presenters would include Hall of Fame Members and W.W.C.A. Executive Committee Members.

Dave McCarthy reported on Public Relations. He introduced Justin Tritz to the Committee; who explained the process of voting for District Coach of the Year, Assistant Coach of the Year / etc. Justin also plans to redo the system of paying for the W.W.C.A. Clinic online.

Dave stated he was pleased with the Nicholas Suite. Everything seemed to be working quite well. Dave would like to see the Suite maintained for W.W.C.A. and Hall of Fame Members. He suggested coaches should use common sense and not have teams and wrestlers congregate in the Suite.

Bob Empey expressed concern with Per-Mar in regards to some issues. Per-Mar will be contacted to see if public relations with them can be improved.

Scott Schmitz brought up a concern about coolers not being allowed in the Kohl Center. Although this has been addressed in the past, it will be brought up again to Dave Anderson and the W.I.A.A.

The Committee addressed the possibility of having the weigh-in area from being so crowded. Suggestions included more scales, moving the weigh-in areas, and not having coaches congregate in the weigh-in area.

Hall of Fame Chairman Jerry Barr reported the Kiosk is working. Jerry indicated more nominations for the Hall of Fame are coming in. The Hall of Fame selection meeting will be July 13th at the Fin N? Feather in Winneconne beginning at 9:00 A.M. The W.W.C.A. Business meeting will be after lunch (around 12:30 P.M.). Jerry mentioned that there has been some talk in regards to a permanent Hall of Fame display. The Convention Center has been mentioned because we host the Fall Clinic there.

Jim Stephenson represented the Alumni Committee due to Don Hartman?s absence because of health (back) problems. Jim reported on a beneficial meeting in which he, Vern Pieper, Al Bauman, and Bob Downing went to Stevens Point and met with former W.I.A.A. Directors John Roberts, Don Herrmann, and Matt Otte. They were able to gather more background for the W.I.A.A. and W.W.C.A. wrestling history. Jim reported the committee is still investigating for a museum to have a permanent place to house the History of Wisconsin Wrestling. Jim handed out a working copy of the W.W.C.A History Project. He asked the committee to make any corrections and additions to Don Hartman or himself. The Alumni Committee would like to have all info regarding wrestling to be included in the W.W.C.A. History Project.

The Alumni Committee will meet again in conjunction with the Hall of Fame on July 13th in Winneconne at the Fin N? Feather.

Scott Schmitz reported the National Team Tournament has been changed from Cleveland to Pittsburgh. It will be held on April 18th. Scott will not be attending this year due to a previous commitment.

Mel Dow is working on rejuvenating the All-Star Event.

Luke Francois reported Fox Sports North will be broadcasting the Individual State Tournament and that there will be radio announcements during the individual and team tournaments thanks to the financial backing of Terry Shockley and the National Army Guard.

Under new business, Bob Empey will work with Dave Black (W.W.F.) and Mel Dow to set up a Greco and Free Style Clinic in the western part of the state.

The Committee looked at the 7% Printout procedure for next year. By doing the weight assessment on line it will take less time and less paperwork. Kevin Morin stated the colleges went online this year and they were quite pleased.

A discussion on weight classes followed. Bob Empey handed out info on weight classes from Minnesota. Over the past several years there has been much debate over how many weight classes should we have and what should those weight classes be. The discussion centered on 1) losing wrestlers, and 2) not filling all the weight classes which in turn brought discussion as to having 14, 13, or 12 weight classes. Barry Schmitt spoke to the committee on doing a survey as to how many schools would like to have 12 weights. Also: would 7th and 8th grade wrestling dovetail into the possible weight class changes? Several years ago Tom McGarvie gathered information in regards to weight class distribution. It was suggested a similar process should be done again. Luke Francois will work with the W.I.A.A. to gather data in regards to the weight class distribution.

Mel Dow requested that the W.I.A.A. should consider the possibility of 2 officials working the State Meet to get more officials involved in the State Tournament meet. It was also suggested to have officiating classes to help get more and better qualified officials to help the declining number of officials.

Mel Dow made a motion to adjourn. Scott Schmitz second. Meeting adjourned at 9:40 A.M.

Respectfully Submitted,
Don Hale
W.W.C.A. Secretary

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