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Crossface Article

12/10/2007, 5:24am CST
By Justin Tritz

The challenge of the season is upon us and we are already starting to see a glimpse of the off season preparation pay off. Several early season dates have been challenged not so much on the mat, but rather by the weather. 

The WWCA clinic this year was another big success, inducting a fine class of individuals into the George Martin Hall of Fame in Matt Hanutke, Jim Gruenwald, Bob Skubal and Dave Black. Additions to this year’s clinic included sessions on women’s wrestling, panel discussion on program development, club wrestling, Olympic style wresting, health concerns and our new awards recognizing developmental coaches for our state. A feature to this year’s clinic that added an enhanced atmosphere was the “Wrestling Sages” who performed classic rock at the social was greatly appreciated by all those in attendance. Thanks to all those who made it such a success. 

Look forward to the future of the WWCA Clinic, as with our growth challenge, we continue trying to answer the needs of all coaches at all levels of wrestling for our state. We look forward to having sessions for youth, assistant, collegiate and international style coaches to make the clinic a total inclusive event. With this progress, the WWCA will be a major link for coaches of all levels in our state. 

In an untimely fashion the hydrostatic testing facility in Madison was disabled beyond repair. To offer the members of the WIAA a viable option of appealing body fat test, the WIAA approved a method using X-ray to calculate minimum body weight. This process, DXA, has been in discussion with the WIAA, 7% committee and the WWCA for some time now. The facilities at UW La Crosse are still available, giving coaches, families and athletes opportunities to use either method. In speaking with the medical staff in Madison, the results have been a positive one as the method is as accurate as the hydrostatic test without the uneasiness that accompanied it. The WIAA, 7% and medical advisory board will be looking into additional testing facilities as a protocol for the test is established. The WWCA is encouraging this to provide our members away from Madison and La Crosse an easier opportunity to this process. 

As we look into the future of wrestling for the state of Wisconsin, I want you to picture the past. The Alumni Chapter of the WWCA, or more commonly called the Sages, have been putting together an incredible document outlining in detail the history of wresting in Wisconsin. This has grown over the past few years, and with that I want you to envision a place where you can look up your past accomplishments, see the equipment that was used by your grandfather or any of the memorabilia that has had a part in the sport for our state. Our Sages are currently discussing this and what it would take to make a permanent Museum and Hall of Fame the WWCA and the state of Wisconsin. We encourage the opportunity to have such a resource for our state. 

The WWCA would like to encourage you all to use Trackwrestling to report all of your tournament and dual scores. As a state we need a united front to send our scores to media outlets and the service Trackwrestling provides us gives us this opportunity in a format that is welcomed and used. This publicity will help both your program and our effort to get our information into more homes. I would like to wish you all continued success this season, as well as remind us all to take advantage of your district reps and executive board to help answer your questions or concerns as it pertains to the sport for our state. Please forward questions or recommendations you may have so we can serve you better as well as make sure we are following the same established rules and procedures that have been set for us. 

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