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Crossface Article - September

11/30/2011, 10:07am CST
By Justin Tritz

With the leaves falling and the cool temperatures rolling in, the wrestling season is just about under way. Conversations have started related to what the line up will be, who has worked hard in the off season,and what improvements are going to be made to take that next step in helping that person, team, and community go where no one has gone before. We, the Wisconsin Wrestling Coaches Association, get to be a part of conversations as well. At the George Martin Hall of Fame Banquet on November 4, we will induct five people that have had a tremendous impact on the sport of wrestling in their communities and our state. This honor is a tribute to all the hard work, time, and commitment these gentlemen gave of themselves to help make our sport in Wisconsin what it is today. Congratulations to Wendall Bean, Jack
Magnin, Tom McGarvie, Dave Miller, and Tim Terrill and their respective communities. 

At this time of the year, it is also a time to see where we are at with the WWCA as well. The WWCA Fall Clinic remains one of the premier wrestling clinics in the nation. The number of coaches that come together to strenghten wrestling in their given state is second to none. The WWCA is extremely proud of the clinic and we will continue to promote educational opportunities for coaches to grow in our sport. One of the challenges of the WWCA in the last few years is the weight class issue. Over the summer the National Federation of High Schools made a change in the weight classes, as well as a proposal from the WWCA was advanced to the WIAA failed to move forward. We want to ensure that your voice is being heard, and we will continue to advocate for coaches and their programs. With that said, the WWCA 
would also want to remain in the present, and continue look for ways to help coaches enrich and strengthen their programs. We also want to continue to promote and provide tools for the needs of our coaches here. Take the time, and contact a member of the Executive Board and share with them the tools that you and your programs need to sustain and grow. Together, we can move your community and 
the wrestling in Wisconsin forward. 

A couple of quick reminders. Coaches take the time to read through the WIAA Season Regulations and be knowledgeable of the rules that guide our sport. The WIAA also has changed the requirements for head coaches and coaching staffs pertaining to the rules exam. Take the time and communicate with you Athletic Director and find what is now required by the WIAA in meeting that guideline. Lastly, best of luck this season, and enjoy the wrestling journey of the season as it will go by fast. 

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