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Crossface Article - December

12/14/2011, 10:06am CST
By Justin Tritz

Crossface Article, December 2011

Wrestling greetings everyone. I would like to start by congratulating Wendall Bean on a tremendous 2011 George Martin Hall of Fame Banquet and Fall Clinic. All of those that attended found something that could help increase their knowledge of the sport or help bring new ideas to back to their program. The officials clinic Saturday morning has grown as well, with 100 officials attending all in efforts to make Wisconsin the best wrestling state in the country. On a humbling note, Craig Belcher, a long time wrestling coach and enthusiast out of the Milwaukee area and Wisconsin Wrestling Coaches Association board member, passed away a few days after the event. We will miss his advocacy for wrestling in the Milwaukee area and his tireless work and enthusiasm for spreading the word on how great wrestling is. It embraces thefact that we all do have an impact on others whether it is directly or indirectly in the sport of wrestling. Our condolences to his family and his wrestling community. 
As we roll deeper into the wrestling season, one of the topics that the WWCA board wanted to address was the WWCA Code of Ethics, Public Relations section, where coaches attire was addressed . One of concerns that most of our Hall of Famers and those in the media make comment on is how coaches look at mat side. Over the years at the individual state tournament, it is always interesting to see people not 
dressing professional for the tournament that is the pinnacle of our sport. Cowboy hats, sweat pants, baseball hats on backwards, jeans with holes in them, etc. have been on our media coverage of this event. We recommend that we start making a change in the way we look to be more professional. The increased media coverage continues to grow even during the regular season, and more of our events are 
being aired on FOX network,, local television,, etc.. Our appearance and first impressions have a long impact on those that watch us. Please take the time and look over the attached part for the Code of Ethics at the end of the article. Help us make this sport move above the rest. If we don't, who will? 
Happy Holidays! 
Article Five - Public Relations 
1. The coach’s attire during dual meets and tournaments should promote the 
event at its highest level to help elevate the sport of wrestling in their community and at statewide events. A school adorned shirt or jacket and kakis or dress pants are suitable. These guidelines are reflective in the efforts that the NCAA recommends to their coaches to be worn on mat side during competition. T-shirts, Caps, worn out jeans, and worn out sweats are not recommended. 

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