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Crossface Article - February

02/16/2012, 8:51pm CST
By Justin Tritz

As we attend our WIAA Sectionals this weekend, the WWCA would like to take the time and say thank you for all you do to make the sport special in your communities, conference, and in the state. Your tireless efforts do make a difference in moving Wisconsin Wrestling forward. We would also like to pass on some reminders. 
Reminder the WWCA:
Coaches please dress professional throughout the WIAA State Tournament series. Coaches are the leaders of our sport and the professional look of the gentlemen in the corner and at mat side are the easy things that we can do to make our sport stand out from the others. With the media bliss at this time of the year, make our first impression one that makes us stand out! 
Reminders from the WIAA:

  • Reminder of the use of gloves when dealing with blood during cleanup is a point of emphasis again. It is the right thing to do, and continues to be the professional way of coaching that is expected throughout the year. Take the time and remind your coaching staff and those along the WIAA State tournament trail to glove up when dealing with blood. 
  • Reminder to promote coaches to use as soon as possible. At this time, out of 334 schools that have wrestling, 156 have not entered a ranking as of yet. It is an expectation of the head coach to do this and the recommendation of the WIAA to do it throughout the season. 

Last, is an update on the 2013 WIAA State Individual/Team tournament.
Critical information for the change of events: 
****Saturday, February 23, 2013 next year, the Kohl Center is not available. 
Options that are being discussed: 

Option 1
Wrestle the tournament in two days. February 21 &22, 2013. The tournament would utilize 8 mats and a tournament schedule is being developed as we speak. It is the best scenario as it will not take athletes, coaches, and fans away from the school setting. The State Team tournament remains on the same weekend and same location. 

Option 2
Wrestle the tournament in the normal three days Feb. 20, 21, 22. Challenge is the additional loss of school time and is it already not getting positive reviews in the committees and councils of the WIAA. The State Team Tournament remains on the same weekend and same location. 

Option 3
Move the whole tournament back to the team tournament weekend and do a combined event. Challenge is the schedules that are already established for next year by Athletic Directors and how it would affect everything else. This option is an option, but not a very good one with a one year period in front of us and the schedules that we have been already put together. This option has the State Individual and Team tournament all on the same weekend and same location (Kohl Center). 
 At this time, we are looking for some feedback from coaches, wrestlers, and the public on this issue. Please take the time and think this thru and share your thoughts with your school AD, WWCA reps, and the WIAA. We will take some time at the sectional meeting to discuss this. 

Thanks for your time and help! 
WWCA Executive Board 

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