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Crossface Article - April

04/02/2012, 9:02am CDT
By Justin Tritz

The spring and off season has begun for wrestling. 
There are some things that need to be cleared up at this time. For the 2013 State Tournaments, both individual and team, we are remaining the same. The same in respect to the dates and locations of the events. Individual state will remain, for 2013, a three day event at the Kohl Center. Team State will remain, in 2013, a two day event at the UW-Fieldhouse. The communication with the WIAA and the 
University of Wisconsin has determined the sport of wrestling in their facilities is status quo. The questions that were asked this past February about changes for the state tournaments were in regard to scheduling problems that they saw may occur in 2013, but again they have worked them out. So breathe easy for next year. 
Now the future of the state tournaments. The WIAA Coaches Advisory Committee and the WIAA has met and has determined to slow down the process of the combined individual/team tournament. As the committee discussed the topic, more coaches input are needed to provide direction for such a change. With that said, we are under a time frame that everyone should be aware of. We have one year to 
gather information and direction for the WIAA to move forward with. Sometime early next year, the WIAA and the University of Wisconsin sign the contract for years following 2013. Our goal is to gather information/data to promote what the coaches want in that regards to the State Tournaments. That is where the WWCA will come in organize the coaches voices as to the direction that we as coaches want to go. Some ideas are to utilize may be using survey monkey for school districts to fill out, as well as the WWCA membership. Please take the time and use the district caucuses, our website, and the WWCA email to stay informed and involved to ensure that there is no surprises come next spring. 
At the WIAA Coaches Advisory Committee, held on March 21, there were two recommendations of note that were passed and will move forward to Sports Advisory. 

  • The first one is in Division 2 and Division 3 is the use of Super Regionals. Super Regionals are the combining of two Regionals together. The results of this would be that the top four out of each Super Regional qualify for the Sectional and the top two teams from the Super Regional advance to the Team Sectionals. 
  • The second recommendation was that the top two teams from the Division 1 Regional advance to the Division 1 Team Sectionals. The format of bracketing would be the same as the Division 2 and 3 Team Sectionals with the Champion of one Regional competing against the second place team in the other Regional. Winners advance to the Sectional finals with the winner advancing to team state. 

The minutes to that meeting will be posted on the WWCA website as soon as they are released from the WIAA. 
The WWCA will continue to be the advocate for wrestling and a voice with the WIAA. Your voice does matter. Take the time, stay informed, and get involved. 

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